Thursday, March 16, 2017

A visit to CLARIN's French Cherry garden

I love cherries so when I saw Clarin's featured post about the French Cherry garden where you get a FREE personalized jar of Cherry jam by Chef Vicky Cheung of VEA I decided to register for it.
The cherry jam is made of vanilla seeds, snow fungus, cherries and lemon so how could I resist.

After registering, you get an SMS confirming you the date and time you have chosen.

CLARIN's French Cherry garden popup was so beautiful, it was really impressive they have built a spacious French style glass house with a cherry tree and decorated it with lots of cherries.

Arrived at that specified time and you have to click the link on the SMS to get a code for registration at the booth.
Unfortunately, it took forever to load so I was feeling like a moron waiting for it to load as one of the girls sarcastically told me to wait, but luckily this other one was really helpful and solved the issue by using wifi which was faster in getting the code.

While she was helping me out, she gave me some cherry tea which is said to whiten skin.

Anyway, finally got the code and you get to write down the name you want printed on the jar at the counter.

You also get a sample of Clarins White Plus.

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