Wednesday, November 23, 2011

nails inc Magnetic Polish

I still havent had a chance to try these yet after buying them, but visually the silver one is the best.
I put a strong magnet next to the bottle and I could see it changing colour.
The silver one has the best effect because it turns black, so if you imagine when its applied on your nails, you will see black and silver.

As well as a fun product, this brand is amazing, each nail varnish has its own name which is a place in london such as Knightsbridge, Bloomsbury square, Trafalgar square.

Finally had a chance to try the varnishes, and as expected the silver one was the best.
The gold one was absolutely functionless, it just came out as gold, and when the magnet was applied the other colour did not appear, and even when I put the magnet near the bottle, nothing happened.
The purple one was was ok, but not as striking as black and silver.

Pictures to be posted soon!!
Apart from having these magnetic effects, when the nail varnish had dried, there was this amazing visual effect which was as good as the holographic ones.
It had the same effect as CATS EYES GLASS BEADS or fiber optic beads where it changes hue as it captures and reflects light.
The patterns looked like it was moving and slightly changing colours!!

For the silver colour, I found that if a thick layer was applied you will get a striking black and silver effect, but if you have a bright colour layer beneath and apply a thinner layer then you will get three colours and it dries slightly quicker.

For the purple one, the colour is very dark, so when the magnet is appled you can't really see the effect, next time I will try a thinner layer with a coloured basecoat beneath, same with the gold as that virtually has no visible effect!

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