Friday, December 13, 2013

Keep calm and carry on! Timothy Oulton is in Hong Kong

To be honest I have never heard of this brand before as a Brit because it is a relatively new brand that came out earlier this year in March 2013.

When I first saw the name Timothy Oulton, it also reminded me of Royal Doulton!

I was walking past when I was drawn to the window by the huge pillar made of real hard back books.

Then at the front of the shop, they had these mechanical displays which were hollow drums with bags that moved up and down.
A video of the mechanical displays:

Near the entrance there were two bed of real fresh roses in a metal holder which looked like a bird bath of some sort.

I did not intend to go in but when I saw the huge jars of liquorice allsorts, wine gums and dolly mixtures, I couldn't help myself but go in.

I was greeted by these two friendly guys, one was French which confused me because the shop was seemingly British but then I realized he just worked there.

Everything in this Vintage designer shop was amazing!!!

From the Union jack curtains to union jack sofas, it was just iconic!

Huge ball!!

The display of fresh roses around the store are romantic which are changed every two days and here and there you will see Timothy Oulton's classic black hat.

On one of the floors I loved the leather boots that were used to grow grass.
Although I would have expected this shop to be located in Sheung Wan or Central, the structure of this building was really suited for them because it had staircases just like British buildings.
On the second floor, I loved the HUGE leather back books which were real as well called Blenheim books!

Then there was this amazing glass table with a propeller as a base.
I don't normally like restored items but this one was amazing.
This place is definitely inspirational!~!
I loved the small metal trophies inside the glass dome.
The elegant chandeliers were inside a lovely ball frame.
For the not so modern, I liked the candle style lights in the gyro frame.
On the walls, there were some really nostalgic wooden tennis rackets.
When I can afford these amazing pieces of artsy furniture, I will definitely get them from here!
My wishlist so far would be the Blenheim book, Union jack sofa and propeller glass table.

For more photos, please see Facebook album:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chic Chanel No. 5 bag

Thanks to my Pretty friend for sharing this photo with me.

It is a gorgeous Chanel No. 5 bag and not a bottle!

There is black version too, but personally I like the clear version.

If I get my hands on one, I would put mini bottles of Chanel No. 5 in the bag for a nice contrast.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Ready to rock with hair tinsels

eyeenvy by Coloron

I have bought this but yet to use!!!

shiseido limited edition lash coat

Although this is a bit old, but I love this clear bright blue lash coat which has glitter in it.
The only flaw is that it takes ages to dry and your eyelashes stick together when you blink.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Really nice accessories from Seed Heritage

I don't ever go in this shop but today I was bored so went in.

Surprisingly I found lots of items that I liked.

Heres what I bought: Ring with rabbit and silver glitter encased in clear acrylic, Rainbow rubber bracelet with floating glitter sparkles inside, ceramic animal charms bracelet and Embellished friendship bracelet with feature diamonte detail cluster.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ONE-DAY Delight MAX 3 Silver Gray

The silver gray colour was quite nice and the gray was a blueish gray.

ONE-DAY Delight MAX 3 Rose Purple
ONE-DAY Delight MAX 3 Honey Brown

ONE-DAY Delight MAX 3 Honey Brown

The Honey Brown was disappointing. They came out grey!
In the packet, the colour looked light brown and nothing like that.

ONE-DAY Delight MAX 3 Rose Purple
ONE-DAY Delight MAX 3 Silver Gray

Velcro decoration for hair

Initially these velcro pieces were designed to temporarily keep stray hair or fringes away from the face.

The latest ones have better designs which can be used as hair decoration as shown below.
Since they are made of material, it can be stuck anywhere on the head.

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