Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Wish upon a star bath fizzer by Marks and Spencers

I have always wanted to try a colourful bath fizzer and this was my first ever bath fizzer that I have ever bought.

It never occurred to me that this would be the first and the best.

The fizzer was really hard like concrete which is a good attribute because soft ones crumble before they even reach the bath.

The plastic film came off nicely and did not cling on to the fizzer, another thing I took for granted when I tried a different fizzer.

When I placed the fizzer in the bath, it sunk but with some manual help, it floated and these beautiful colours swirled out.

Bathing Lab Exotic haze Swirling bath fizzer by superdrug

The Bathing Lab Exotic haze Swirling bath fizzer looked really good in the box which was lined with holographic card so I bought three of them.
This was my second fizzer following my first from Marks and sparks.
It was a nightmare taking it out from the wrapper because the fizzer was so crumbly that it was already broken when I took it out.
As it was broken, I decided to open a new one for my video and ended up putting both in the bath since they were both out the wrapper.
The results were so disappointing because the star just sunk and stuck to the bath, the broken one fizzed better but overall these fizzers were just disappointing if you watch the video!

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