Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nature SC Egg sleeping Pack

I only got this box of egg masks because they looked cute.

Lot of friends have asked me if you peel off the plastic and simply put it over your eyes.
The answer is no because it is a facemask and the fun part is that you remove the tiny spoon and mix the clear contents and the orange blob in the middle together.

After it is mixed, you get an orange gel paste, which you apply on the face and sleep overnight with it.

Friday, January 15, 2016

A powerful tiny microphone

I have seen this microphone around but never thought of buying it because I thought you had to install stuff and there are no English instructions.

One day I was just curious so bought it because it only costs $298, the guy said the pictorial instructions were pretty easy which I doubted and you don't need to install any apps for it.

Anyway, I unboxed it and plugged it according to the picture, the audio out from the phone into the microphone and the earphones into the microphone.

There was some difficulty with my phone detecting the headphones but when it detected it, there was a huge interference noise.

I moved the microphone away to reduce interference and I was surprised I could still hear my voice which was picked up from a distance about 60cm away.

Tested it by playing a song and sang to it and it was magic because it worked without any software so you can classify this as a peripheral.

Although you can install apps to record your singing and remove the singer’s voice from the original but I can’t be bothered to try at this stage.

I definitely recommend this gadget for people who are too shy to go singing at Karaokes and this is great gadget for practicing songs to hear your voice without complicated setups and acoustics.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lofloy turtle animal sleeping pack

I have seen these sleeping packs around and this one is meant to be a scallop but lofloy have made it into a turtle.
Anyway, I got it for fun because I couldn’t buy the scallop one.

Basically you peel off the plastic and use the mini spoon to mix the contents and apply to your face and sleep with it on.

The mixture was quite interesting because it was clear with a pearlescent blob in the middle, after mixing the mixture it went light pink.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Berrisom black rice horror mask

Out of all the masks I got, this was the cheapest which had a skull on it.

The smell was nice and it even had their berrisom logo boldly printed on one of the sides.

The skull wasn’t as scary as I hoped!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Funky and wacky facemask variety

I didn’t used to do facemasks simply because I was lazy but now they have all these fun animal masks that have prompted me to buy them.
As well as cute masks, they also have these gory ones and strange ones like abalone and sea cucumber obviously intended for the market in China.
Perhaps, it would sell well if it was in Chinese because it seems too fishy in English.
As well as delicacies, they also have Chinese tea masks feature loongjeng, puerh and Tehguanyum.

I find the plastic skin rather disturbing because it sounds like plastic surgery!

Cute egg sleeping packs which you mix and apply to the face.

Sunwoo Cosme EGF Chocolate Mask

This masks contains Snail slime which sounds gross but anyway I tried it because I like chocolate.
Unfortunately, there was no chocolate smell so it was disappointing.
I didn’t bother with pictures of me with the mask on because it is just a plain one without any patterns or illustrations.

Pure smile Green dot

I was looking forward to this one because the packaging was pretty with blue roses and I like the Jester and Venetian style masks.
Unfortunately, when I ripped the bag open, there was a strong rose smell which I don't like and I feel sick when I smell rose.
The mask didn't look as good as anticipated.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mediheal Mask Dress code blue

I have always wanted to wear a masquerade lace eye mask and this facial mask by Mediheal did the trick as well as moisturize my face.
It comes in three colours: blue, black and red.
The black was sold out so I got the blue.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Butterfly suitcase

I love this little butterfly suitcase that is perfect for photoshoots or short travel adventures.

It comes from a butterfly suitcase set and I got the mid sized suitcase with wheels as well.

Fluffy flip flops

Saw these fluffy flip flops which came in three colours: black , grey and pink with a pearl dangle in the middle.
I liked all three colours so it was hard deciding which pair to get so I got the grey and pink.
The black is probably good with pale skin but I have too many black shoes.

Pure Smile cat mask

I rarely bother with face masks but I got into the habit recently when my friend got me a souvenir from Japan.
It was a face mask with a cute cat on it.

After trying it, I discovered other brands and many more designs.

Here was the one my friend got me from Pure Smile called #Artmask

Video of the mask on my face:

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