Saturday, September 30, 2017

ettusais x flamingo bloom Be juicy Together!

A while ago Flamingo Bloom launched this exclusive watermelon and Jasmine tea served in a watermelon and they had the ettusais cosmetic booth where you can try their lipglosses.
I didn't try the watermelon but I had the smashed ginseng fruit tea instead because it is one of my favourite fruits because it tastes like melon.

There are five sweet shades for the juicy lip jelly series and three colours in the Candy color series.

I loved the Candy color series because it was like coloured lipbalm that was very moisturizing with a lovely subtle colour.

The Juicy Lip jelly had a nice applicator with two sides, a fuzzy side and a smooth side to glide on effortlessly.

New Crushed lip colour by Bobbi Brown

I was really excited to attend the launch of Bobbi Brown's New Crushed lip colour at IFC where Jason Chan 陳柏宇 made a guest appearance as a Bobbi Brown staff.

The new lipstick meets the feel of a balm yet loaded with crushed pigments and lip-loving ingredients so it's the ultimate swipe and go formula.
According to BB, it is rich in Vitamins E and C and beeswax, the balmy formula glides on comfortably with a satin matte finish that leaves lips hydrated and kissably soft.

There was a good variety of shades, for me I like it bare or loud so naturally for the nude colours I would choose BARE and on the loud side I would choose the SUNRISE.

At the store, you can test out the shade and they have these acrylic lips which you can put over your lips and see how it looks.

Just for fun, I love giant displays so I had to get a selfie with the huge foundation!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Huge diamond ring

I love this huge diamond ring.
Sadly it was chipped on the side so I didn't buy it.

Holographic fish scale sequin trainers

I am mad on anything that is holographic, so these trainers caught my eye.

On closer look they look like fish scales because of the sequins so I am still thinking whether I should get them or not.

Monday, September 4, 2017

SABERMACH Light saber experience

Sabermach was in Hong Kong so I was really lucky to get my hands on some light sabres because the event was cancelled the next day due to the typhoon.

The light sabers were really fun to play with, the better ones has sound effects and changes colour on impact.

Squiggly lips

Decided to try out the trending Squiggly lips which were so hard because my lips are small and finding a good colour was difficult.

After quite a few attempts I managed it, although not as good as the ones posted online but it was fun.

I also want to try doing the squiggly eyebrows but my eye brows are thick and it look like trouble when it is time to wash it off!~!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Steamer Curl

Got the Steamer Curl which costs much less than BabyBliss.
It does do the job but you have to work it as the curls do not look as natural as Babybliss.

Frames with a studded silver butterfly

These frames have no lenses but I got it because of the butterfly.

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