Friday, May 11, 2012

Neontastic shoes

Antm cycle 18 episode 10

Originally planned to wear these shorts depending on whether a Brit or American was called out first,
but in this episode Alisha the Brit was called out and she quit and Eboni had to leave with her.

Anyway, hope the girls survive the nasty heat and humidity in Hong Kong!

The final three girls are so its hard to have a favourite!
But hope the brits win!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Must have Trippen shoes

I love their heels and material used for the shoe and they look damn comfortable.

Getting ready for French May, Jubilee and the Olympics in UK

Was getting in the mood for the French May, Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics that are going to be held in UK so decided to paint my nails red, white and blue.

I am also cheering for the Brits on America's next top model British invasion! go go go you Brit girls!
The other two American girls are not bad either so the final five are all quite good and I like them all.
So anyway those colours are for the Brits and the US!

Hope the models are enjoying themselves in Hong Kong and hopefully Elysee Sewell will be a guest on this cycle because she is staying in Hong Kong.

This particular blue was so difficult to find.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

White winged fluorescent platforms

Got these shoes because of the wings on the side and the fluorescent yellow heels.
They also had pure black or pure white, but I thought they were boring.
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