Thursday, November 23, 2017

Guiltless buying

I discovered this pop up store because they had a big claw machine filled with so many big capsules in the store so I went in.

After scanning the code, you are entitled to a game and I was really lucky to win something.

You can consign with them and they will pick up your items free of charge and give you 70% of the profits when they sell.

[Quoted from their FB] is the first of its kind offering complimentary valet pickup from Asia and beyond. The site promises gives you up to 80% off retail prices of the likes of Stella McCartney, Celine, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen.

[M&S COLLECTION] Checked Long Sleeve Shirt Dress Size 6

Checked shirts are my thing too, especially long shirts which are a good cover up when you are wearing short skirts or shorts.

The Checked Long Sleeve Shirt Dress was comfortable and were a good fit for my wide shoulders.

[BOOTS] Flashing LED Dr Martens inspired boots

I love Dr Martens and anything flashes so when I saw these boots I had to get them.
There is a button where the pocket is located to activate the lights and you also charge them there as well.

Aesthetically, I think the pocket would look better on the outer side of the shoe rather on the inside as when you walk, they sometimes come into contact with each other causing the lights to turn on when you don't want them to!!

In terms of lights and how comfortable they were, I was quite satisfied but not satisfied with the seller because they gave me the wrong size and required me to pay for shipping costs to change it when it was their fault.

 Flashing Blue:
 Flashing violet:
 Flashing yellow:
 Flashing red:
 Flashing green:

Friday, November 10, 2017

Métiers d'Art BLANCPAIN Exhibition in Hong Kong

Attended the Métiers d'Art BLANCPAIN Exhibition that was showcased at Tian & Di (Landmark Mandarin Oriental).

It was fascinating to see in front of me BLANCPAIN's engraving expertise and meeting one their craftsmen from Le Brassus (Switzerland).

Perfect hand and eye coordination is the key for engraving on such minuscule areas on the watch parts.

There was a guest illustrator demonstrating the art of dial painting.

BLANCPAIN’s in-house Metiers d’Art Studio artisans get inspiration from the natural and also mythical figures around the world, they created art crafts with a board variety of motifs, such as the Ganesh, the God who conquers obstacles and represents intelligence, prudence and wisdom for Hindus; the iconic Swiss Edelweiss; the Dragon, a symbolic figure in Chinese which symbolizes potent and auspicious powers and good luck; and even the daring erotic scenes.

Invited guests will rejoice in Michelin starred restaurant – Amber, taking gourmet journey customized by Mr. Richard Ekkebus, Culinary Director of Amber.  The menu will translate precision and craftsmanship - two prominent elements into dishes that prove the timeless beauty of BLANCPAIN.

#blancpain #blancpainhk #blancpainwatch #watchexhibition #watchlover

Saturday, November 4, 2017

[Somewear] x Batman Vs Superman Crossover sunglasses by 黄又南

It must be fate that after I just went to some sunglasses exhibition in my previous post, a friend of mine won some sunglasses from [Somewear] which I borrowed for the video as they are really stylish I had to feature them.

I love the crossover of Superman and Batman because the merged logo looks good.
The black mirror sunglasses represent Gotham while the blue represents Kryptonite.

[I admit, I have done a little photoshop to the lenses because when I did the selfie the lighting was too yellow and the lenses weren't that blue but if you see them with the naked eye, this is how they should look just like the other pictures.]


Both come in stylish cases and the complete set looks like this.

After googling Somewear, it turns out that the brand is owned by Hong Kong celeb #黄又南.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Opticafest Oktoberfest MUST EYEWEAR PRIVATE SHOW held at the PENTHOUSE

At the private MUST EYEWEAR show, there were so many glamorous brands including: M+IN, JINNNN, Spektre, Edoryu Classic, eyewear morgenrot, PHE EYEWEAR, MUST by Grafix, BELSTAFF and many more.
I loved the colourful eyewear by Spektre, while the the printed frames by morgenrot were unique because they were light with intricate details.

Here are the photos from the show.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

[DEGAIA] opens first flagship store in Hong Kong

Recently attended the brilliant opening of DEGAIA in Hong Kong with star studded guests Simon Yam 任達華 and his model wife Qi Qi 琦琦.

#degaia is a luxurious and stylish brand from Italy.

The brand Degaia was born in 2006 by a group of young Florentines with passion for fashion.
With specialists in the field of commerce, fashion design, fashion history, graphics, communication and the "cool hunter".

From 2008 to 2010 Degaia collaborated with young international fashion designers, gaining credentials in the fashion world for seriousness, innovation, but above all the passion that is invested in their Made in Italy products.
Since 2010, Degaia breaks the traditional stylistic design models, thus launching into the knowledge and search for world fashion for the luxury look.

Two gorgeous models at the opening modelling the DEGAIA look!

Thank you DEGAIA for the luxurious winter accessories which I shall reveal later!

Stay tuned!
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