Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Zalora nightmare

Nightmare shopping experience with Zalora Hong Kong

Normally I purchase my clothing from retails or ebay but I won a Zalora HKD$500 cash voucher.

On my first attempt, I ordered the wrong size so I called Zalora within minutes of submitting the order to change it but they said once the order has been made online, it can only be cancelled.
Hence they cancelled the order for me.

On the second attempt, I made the order successfully and the parcel was delivered quite fast and I was quite satisfied with the clothes I had bought.

A few days later, the courier came back to ask for payment even though I used the coupon.

I made a call to Zalora and they said the coupon was not used in the transaction, so I gave them my coupon code which was useless because they said it could not be applied after the online order has been placed and the ONLY solution was to return the parcel and order again.

Ok, so I sent the satisfactory parcel back to Zalora with a letter enclosed but no one followed up.

Then I made a third order and confirmed with Zalora that the coupon was used.

However only one of the items arrived because one of them was out of stock.

I was really furious at that point because I had to contact Zalora again otherwise they would not have contacted me about the transaction so they agreed to issue a partial cash voucher because they did not know when the other item would be in stock.
I also had to reason with them that I shouldn’t need to pay another delivery fee on the next order because they were out of stock forcing me to order again when both items should have been delivered in one go.

Bad points about Zalora
Does not allow you to change size after you submit
Does not allow you to settle any monetary disputes after the submitting.
Zalora does not have constructive follow ups

Good points about Zalora
The courier fee is free when you send the parcel back.
The shopping interface is user-friendly with functions to filter by colour, price range etc.

Hopefully Zalora will improve on these issues otherwise I will not shop there again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rainbow palette

I don’t really venture into Hung Hom to eat because the location is really inconvenient unless there is something good that I want to eat and it better be worth it!!

Anyway, Hotel Sav is funky new hotel that shines on the corner.
It is definitely the hotel for me because I love anything that is colourful.
Each floor of the hotel has a different colour scheme.

The restaurant is called Palatte and there is a different cocktail each day.

There was an impressive buffet selections which satisfies the basic requirements of locals namely oysters and lobsters.

For me cheese and good breads are a must.

My favourites were the hydroponics salads.

There was made to order pasta where you can choose the sauces and ingredients.

The tandoori chicken was delicious because it tasty but not spicy and the chicken was springy and tender.

There was more meat options at the carvery too!

To finish off, there were so many desserts but the Korean icecream is a must try!!

1/F, Hotel sáv, 83 Wuhu Street, Hung Hom

Friday, April 10, 2015

A special night on board the Regent Seven Seas Voyager

Thanks to blogger YFL 生活博客 and Miramar Express for giving me a chance to experience a night on the Seven Seas Voyager.

Before we boarded the colossal 54,400 gross-registered tonne ship we were issued a visitors pass.

Inside there was a lavish reception and atrium with classy elevators that serve 10 decks.

I have been on small cruises before but Regent Seven Seas Voyager can accommodate up to 738 guests with penthouse suits on offer as well.
After this visit, I could understand why my expats friends in Hong Kong would fly back to the UK and join their families on cruises.

That night we dined at Prime 7, an All-American steak house.

The ambiance was grand and amazing filled with laughter and people enjoying themselves.
Food was fine and flawless with a good variety and they even had chimmichurri sauce for the steak and the pickled onion with tomato salad brought back lovely memories of school dinners.

After dinner, we visited The pool deck, observation lounge and horizon lounge.

Hopefully when I get a long holiday, I will take this chance to go on a crystal cruise around the UK which will save me hours of driving so that I can visit the places leisurely.

For more details on the Regent Seven Seas Cruises:

Miramar Express
Tel: +852 3960 0388,
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