Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yejimiin Sanitary Napkins and heat pads that relieve pain

When I first heard about this product without seeing it, I was quite baffled.

It was just hard visualizing it and how it worked.

After I got the product, things were clearer but not that clear because it was in Korean!

It is a Korean product but the pictorials are simple to understand, it is basically a small heat pad containing mugwort that you put in between the sanitary pad / towels and the underwear.

Anyway I just had to try it because I was curious and wanted to know whether it worked and how it worked.

The products I have seen before to help menstrual pain are basically heat pads again but applied to the abdominal area.

Since these heat pads are placed between the underwear and the menstrual pad, I was even more mystified because it would mean the discharge would get heated up, but it turns out that these heat pads are used a few days before and after menstruation according to Yejimiin!

In the box, there are five packs, one is the herbal sanitary pad and the other is the heat pad.

The herbal sanitary pad smells of Dong Gwai so if you like that herb, then its fine!

The sanitary pad also acts as a barrier so that the heat pad does not feel so hot and while it is hot, it somehow has a herbal effect because the sanitary pad contains mugwort to help relieve pain.

This product is great for winter and cold countries, but not advised for hot days and people who are sensitive to hot temperatures.

1. tear the package.
2. shake the heating pad for 5~10 seconds.
3. take off the back sheet of mugwort steam pad.
4. attach the heating pad onto the backside of mugwort steam pad.
5. attach the mugwort steam pad to the underwear.

Also in the range are other sanitary towels with various of lengths for different flows.


28cm, cotton surface

28cm, mesh surface

Panty liners

40cm, for heavy flow or night use

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