Friday, November 10, 2017

Métiers d'Art BLANCPAIN Exhibition in Hong Kong

Attended the Métiers d'Art BLANCPAIN Exhibition that was showcased at Tian & Di (Landmark Mandarin Oriental).

It was fascinating to see in front of me BLANCPAIN's engraving expertise and meeting one their craftsmen from Le Brassus (Switzerland).

Perfect hand and eye coordination is the key for engraving on such minuscule areas on the watch parts.

There was a guest illustrator demonstrating the art of dial painting.

BLANCPAIN’s in-house Metiers d’Art Studio artisans get inspiration from the natural and also mythical figures around the world, they created art crafts with a board variety of motifs, such as the Ganesh, the God who conquers obstacles and represents intelligence, prudence and wisdom for Hindus; the iconic Swiss Edelweiss; the Dragon, a symbolic figure in Chinese which symbolizes potent and auspicious powers and good luck; and even the daring erotic scenes.

Invited guests will rejoice in Michelin starred restaurant – Amber, taking gourmet journey customized by Mr. Richard Ekkebus, Culinary Director of Amber.  The menu will translate precision and craftsmanship - two prominent elements into dishes that prove the timeless beauty of BLANCPAIN.

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