Saturday, November 4, 2017

[Somewear] x Batman Vs Superman Crossover sunglasses by 黄又南

It must be fate that after I just went to some sunglasses exhibition in my previous post, a friend of mine won some sunglasses from [Somewear] which I borrowed for the video as they are really stylish I had to feature them.

I love the crossover of Superman and Batman because the merged logo looks good.
The black mirror sunglasses represent Gotham while the blue represents Kryptonite.

[I admit, I have done a little photoshop to the lenses because when I did the selfie the lighting was too yellow and the lenses weren't that blue but if you see them with the naked eye, this is how they should look just like the other pictures.]


Both come in stylish cases and the complete set looks like this.

After googling Somewear, it turns out that the brand is owned by Hong Kong celeb #黄又南.


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