Monday, April 8, 2019

Vapormax inspired shoes

I have always been curious how genuine Vapormax soles would feel like so when I saw these Vapormax inspired sneakers sold on Aliexpress I decided to give them a try.
There are millions of so called inspired sneakers out there ranging from different prices.
I reduced my choices down to this one was as was relatively cheap among the rest and I liked the colourful rainbow sole.
The upper red knitted shoe part goes well with the design but the black and white tab at the back was an eye sore.
I feel that any inspired shoes shouldn't have words, letters or logos on it because it simply makes them look cheap and tacky.
Saying that, OneMix is another air cushioned brand that is succeeding as they have developed a good range that does not look so tacky.
The quality is quite good but lets see how well they will handle the extreme heat and temperatures of the sun before the sole comes off!
They were surprisingly comfy and they felt like socks with a hard yet soft sole attached.
For people who have wide feet, the material might be a bit tight at first but since it is flexible, they should be able to expand.
These were labelled as mens shoes but fitted very well as a lady's size 39.

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