Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bring back Glitter Eyes

A few years back, Cibavision had these contact lenses called Glitter Eyes which had a glittering effect.

Glitter Eyes Product Information: Glitter Eyes soft cosmetic contact lenses add glitter to make eyes twinkle and shimmer. Available with or without vision correction, Glitter Eyes* are available in three different colors that look uniquely beautiful on any natural shade of eyes. "Crystal Splash" adds a subtle blue twinkle, "Orchid Ice" adds a glimmer of violet and "Beach Bronze" adds a bronzy glow. Glitter Eyes are for both light and dark-eyed individuals and look uniquely beautiful on each person. The layer of glitter is encapsulated within the lens material and never touches your eye.

I was lucky to get a pair before they were recalled, but I wish I had bought all three colours because the effects are striking.
The one featured below were Orchid Ice with a lilac shimmer~

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